Associate Professor Dr.Montree  Tungjai

Assistant Professor Dr. Montree Tungjai, Ph.D AMS Cancer Research Unit, Faculty of Associated Medical Sciences, Chiang Mai University, Thailand Assistant Professor of Radiologic Technology. Assistant Professor Dr. Montree Tungjai is Assistant Professor of Radiologic Technology within Faculty of Associated Medical Sciences at the Chiang Mai University, Thailand. Montree Tungjai graduated from Faculty of Associated Medical Sciences, Chiang Mai University. He completed his doctoral research on a study of structure and anticancer activity relationship of flavonoids: behavior in physiological solution and interaction with myristyl myristate bilayer. He has been a lecturer in Radiologic Technology. His researches now involve in normal cell and cancer cell radiobiology and radiosensitizer/radioprotector.


1. Second place award in poster presentation at the 2nd international scientific conference on occupational and environmental health, the 6th national scientific conference on occupational health, Ha Noi, Vietnam.16-18 November 2005


1996-2000 :

B.Sc. (Radiologic Technology), Faculty of Associated Medical Sciences, Chiang Mai University

2001-2004 :

M.Sc. (Biological Science), Faculty of Science, Burapha University

2004-2008 :

Ph.D. (Biomedical Sciences), Faculty of Associated Medical Sciences, Chiang Mai University

2012-2013 :

Postdoctoral (Radiation Biology), Department of Pathology, State University of New York at Stony Brook,


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Selected current projects

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Research Interests

1. Normal cell and cancer cell radiobiology

2. Radiosensitizer/Radioprotector

3. Multidrug resistant in cancer

Research Patents

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Research Publications

1. Rithidech KN, Tungjai M, Whorton EB. Protective effect of apigenin on radiation-induced chromosomal damage in human lymphocytes. Mutat Res. 2005;585 (1-2):96-104.

2. Rithidech KN, Tungjai M, Arbab E, Simon SR. Activation of NF-kappaB in bone marrow cells of BALB/cJ mice following exposure in vivo to low doses of (137)Cs gamma-rays. Radiat Environ Biophys. 2005 ;44(2):139-43.

3. Tungjai M, Poompimon W, Loetchutinat C, Kothan S, Dechsupa N, Mankhetkorn S. Spectrophotometric characterization of behavior and the predominant species of flavonoids in physiological buffer: determination of solubility, lipophilicity and anticancer efficacy. The Open Drug Delivery Journal. 2008; 2:10-19.

4. Keeddee J, Rattanaworasin N, Tungjai M.The effect of methoxyflavone on P-glycoprotein-mediated transport and intracellular reactive oxygen species in cancer cells. Biosci. Biotechnol. Res. Asia. 2011; 80 : 11-18.

5. Kothan S, Tungjai M. An estimation of X-radiation output using mathematic model. Am. J. Appl. Sci.2011; 8 (8): 839-842.

6. Rithidech KN, Tungjai M, Reungpatthanaphong P, Honikel L, Simon SR. Attenuation of oxidative damage and inflammatory responses by apigenin given to mice after irradiation. Mutat Res. 2012; 749(1-2):29-38.

7. Tungjai M, Whorton EB, Rithidech KN. Persistence of apoptosis and inflammatory responses in the heart and bone marrow of mice following whole-body exposure to ??Silicon (??Si) ions. Radiat Environ Biophys. 2013;52(3):339-50.

8. Rithidech KN, Honikel LM, Reungpatthanaphong P, Tungjai M, Golightly M, Whorton EB. Effects of 100 MeV protons delivered at 0.5 or 1cGy/min on the in vivo induction of early and delayed chromosomal damage. Mutat Res. 2013 ;756(1-2):127-40.

9. Tungaj M, Dechsupa N. Assessment of mobile Lipids with 1H-NMR spectroscopy in enriched CD34+ human peripheral blood stem cells/progenitor cells after exposure to polyenergetic medical diagnostic x-rays. IJABME. 2014: 7(1). 61-65.

10. Rithidech KN, Tungjai M, Honikel L, Gordon C, Lai X, Witzmann F. Protein expression profiles in hematopoietic stem/progenitor cells after exposure of mice to silicon (28Si) ions. J Radiat Res, 2014, 55, i131-i132.

11. Tungjai M, Kantapan J, Bunmakat Y, Kothan S. The study of intracellular reactive oxygen species and mitochondrial membrane potential in normal cells exposed to diagnostic X ray. 4th International Conference on Instrumentation, Communications, Information Technology, and Biomedical Engineering (ICICI?BME) November 2-3, 2015, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Bandung, Indonesia.

12. Jangiam W, Tungjai M, Rithidech KN. Induction of chronic oxidative stress, chronic inflammation and aberrant patterns of DNA methylation in the liver of titanium-exposed CBA/CaJ mice. Int J Radiat Biol. 2015; 7:1-28.

13. Rithidech KN, Honikel LM, Reungpathanaphong P, Tungjai M, Jangiam W, Whorton EB. Late-occurring chromosome aberrations and global DNA methylationin hematopoietic stem/progenitor cells of CBA/CaJ mice exposed to silicon (28Si) ions. Mutat Res. 2015; 781: 22-31.

14. Rithidech KN, Tungjai M, Jangiam W, Honikel L, Gordon C, Lai X, Witzmann F. Proteomic profiling of hematopoietic stem/progenitor cells after a whole body exposure of CBA/CaJ mice to titanium (48Ti) ions. Proteomes. 2015; 3: 132-158

15. Kothan S, Tungjai M, Sarachai S, Kaewjaeng S, Tuscharoen S, Limkitjaroenporn P, Kaewkhao J. Mass Attenuation Coefficients and Partial Interactions of BaO-ZnO-B2O3 Glasses System. Key Engineering Materials. 2016; 675-676: 438-442.

16. Chanthima N, Kaewkhao J, Limkitjaroenporn P, Tuscharoen S, Kothan S, Tungjai M, Kaewjaeng S, Sarachai S, Limsuwan P. Development of BaO-ZnO-B2O3 glasses as a radiation shielding material. Radiat. Phys. Chem. (Article in press).

17. Rithidech KN, Jangiam W, Tungjai M, Gordon C, Honikel L, Whorton EB. Induction of Chronic Inflammation and Altered Levels of DNA Hydroxymethylation in Somatic and Germinal Tissues of CBA/CaJ Mice Exposed to (48)Ti Ions. Front Oncol. 2016; 6:155.

18. Tungjai M, Yingyai T, Thumvijit T. A comparison of radiochemical purity testing of 99mTc-Pentetate (DTPA) between paper and thin layer chromatographic techniques. Bull Chiang Mai Assoc Med Sci. 2016; 49 (3): 307-311.

Research and professional experiences

2009-2010 :

Researcher of Chiang Mai University Fund (Metabonomic evaluation of metabolic dysregulation in normal stem cells induced by 30-100 keV X-ray)

2014-2016 :

Researcher of Thailand Research Fund (TRF) (The effects of diagnostic low-dose radiation on human lymphocytes)