Assistant Professor Dr.Nutjeera  Intasai

NUTJEERA INTASAI, PhD Member of AMS Cancer Research Unit and MT Cancer Research Unit, Faculty of Associated Medical Sciences, Chiang Mai University, Thailand Nutjeera Intasai is a lecturer at Division of Medical Microscopy, Department of Medical Technology, Faculty of Associated Medical Sciences, Chiang Mai University (Chiang Mai, Thailand) since 2000. She obtained her PhD at Mahidol University (Bangkok, Thailand) in 2005. She completed her doctoral research on "Discovery of CD147 molecular function by phage-displayed CD147 ectodmain via gpVIII". Her doctoral research was conducted at Department of Medical Technology, Faculty of Associated Medical Sciences, Chiang Mai University, Thailand and Manitoba Institute of Cell Biology, CancerCare Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Currently, her research is focused on cancer therapy and early diagnosis.


1. 2001-2005: Scholarship from the Commission on Higher Education, Ministry of University Affair, Thailand

2. 2003-2004: Scholarship from Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Strategic Training Program Innovative Technologies in Multidisciplinary Health Training, Canada

3. 2010: APCCB 2010 Young Scientist Scholarship from the 12th Asian-Pacific Congress of Clinical Biochemistry (APCCB 2010)

4. 2013-2014: 2013 American Cancer Society International Fellowships for Beginning Investigators (ACSBI) Funded by American Cancer Society



B.Sc. (Medical Technology), Chiang Mai University, Chiang Mai, Thailand


M.S. (Medical Technology), Chiang Mai University, Chiang Mai, Thailand


Ph.D. (Medical Technology), Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand


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Research Publications

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10. Sangboonruang S, Thammasit P, Intasai N, Kasinrerk W, Tayapiwatana C, Tragoolpua K. EMMPRIN reduction via scFv-M6-1B9 intrabody affects a3b1-integrin and MCT1 functions and results in suppression of progressive phenotype in the colorectal cancer cell line Caco-2. Cancer Gene Ther. 2014;21(6):246-55.

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13. Intasai N, Pata S, Tragoolpua K, Tayapiwatana C. Recombinant multivalent EMMPRIN extracellular domain induces U937 human leukemia cell apoptosis by downregulation of monocarboxylate transporter 1 and activation of procaspase-9. Appl Biochem Biotech 2015;176(6):1781-90.